Barbara's Work Helping The Eastern North Carolina Community

Barbara’s education, community outreach, and ability to work with groups of different mindsets has allowed her to make significant change within Eastern North Carolina. Barbara now believes that her skills can be used in the Halls of Congress to bring everlasting change to her neighbors and communities.

Here are some of Barbara’s amazing accomplishments:

  • Currently participates in the State Reentry Council Collaborative.
  • Initiated community awareness campaigns on youth engagement, Get Out to Vote, the importance of reentry, and facilitated public meetings and town halls to discuss topics and drive community engagement, inclusion, diversity, and action.
  • Created various partnerships with organizations such as the Community College, Sheriff Department, Police and Fire.
  • Organized and executed special events and functions aimed at increasing community participation and organizing action plans and next steps.
  • Created and implemented a reentry curriculum with the Pitt County Detention center to teach skills needed for successful reentry.
  • Partnered with local mental health agencies in Eastern NC to introduce the concept of peer support so that returning/justice involved citizens have the opportunity to seek a career.
  • Her record of success in grassroots program management, community alliance building, and team leadership—coupled with interpersonal talents and dedication to continue to apply skills within the reentry/criminal justice sector is what makes her exceptionally qualified for a seat in Congress.