Restoring our communities.

Restoring justice.

Restoring our planet. 

I'm a single mom, a community advocate, and a woman of the people. I fight for what's right and I will fight for Eastern North Carolina.


The experiences of Barbara’s youth with racism and the criminal justice system led her to be involved with the underserved and forgotten communities of North Carolina. After studying criminal justice in college and for her masters degrees, she has garnered over 50 certifications in a multitude of different fields regarding mental health advocacy, criminal justice, and community wellness.

As a young teen Barbara learned about the criminal justice system the hard way. During her probation she began to realize the ways in which the prison system impacted her life and those around her. After this, she was able to fight to get her life back on track. Barbara found a new passion for justice and a commitment to improving the lives of those fighting to get their lives back like she did.


In the last few years, Barbara has become a pillar in the community through her work with her non-profit organization NC Community Outreach & Wellness Center Inc. They focus heavily on bringing the 8 dimensions of wellness to communities that have little to no access to these programs, specifically focusing on re-entry with individuals inside the local jail. As well as partnering with the NC black alliance, NC justice center, NC black votes matter.


Why I'm running

I am running because North Carolina needs a representative that understands first-hand the challenges we face. Someone who understands the need for criminal justice reform, affordable healthcare, and a livable wage. Eastern North Carolina needs representatives that are actively informed about the issues we face and know the community they represent. I know North Carolina because that's where my story begins.  


My North Carolina roots go all the way back to my great-great-great Grandfather, Nero Kornegay. He was a slave born and raised right here in rural Craven County, but more than this he was a fighter. I come from a long line of people that have a fire for what is right, what is decent, and what is needed.


My grandmother, now 92 years old, was an orphan at the age of 3 months. She raised her five children to fight the same good fight.  She instilled within them that you can come out victorious through having ethics, values, and understanding that God will and can make a way. This fighting spirit is within me.


That is why I'm fighting for reform in a Criminal Justice system that has disproportionately affected Black and Brown communities. This includes legalizing marijuana, creating accessible re-entry programs within prisons, and continuing to fight for mental health and substance abuse programs. 


I’m here ready to run because together we can reform the criminal justice system. Together we can provide healthcare that is affordable to everyone. And we can improve on our infrastructure so that whatever zip code you’re in, you have a fighting chance.


I am fighting for a restored Eastern North Carolina. One that works for all of us.