Defending the American Dream For Every North Carolinian

Meet Barbara Gaskins

I have grown up and lived my entire life in Eastern North Carolina, and I have seen firsthand the struggles our community faces. I am a mom of three boys, a founder of an incarceration re-entry non profit, and someone who has fought every day to stand up for my neighbors. As a young black woman in the south, I know that the American dream has not always been in reach. But I am running because I believe the American dream can be achieved for all of us. If we have representatives on our side, we can make history – together.

This Country was built and continues to grow on the foundation of the American Dream. We can live up to this dream, but we must come together and close the gap between promises made and actions delivered. I am not a typical politician, but Eastern North Carolina runs deep in my veins and I want to amplify our voices and work to fix our problems. I will not give you false promises or political rhetoric but I will ensure that our rights are all upheld for each and every Eastern North Carolinian. We are entitled to rights that make and shape us. The American Dream is yours, and I will work to defend it.

Our Vision, The Plan

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Investing In Our Future

Our youth is the future of North Carolina, and education is the foundation of that future. Our buildings, our teachers, and our students should be given every resource and opportunity they need to succeed in the 21st century. Every child should have access to quality education regardless of status and we need to invest in their education for the benefit of them, their families, and our communities.

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Rebuilding the Middle Class

Eastern North Carolina is in a rut. Our economy is slowing down and job opportunities are leaving our area. Unemployment and poverty rates in Eastern North Carolina are consistently much higher than the state average. We need to act now so that we can turn ENC back into a place where agriculture, blue collar jobs, and innovation can thrive.

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Expanding Our Healthcare

North Carolina is ranked one of the worst health care systems in the United States based on access, cost, and outcomes. With growing unemployment and poverty in ENC, we need to make sure that our healthcare is able to provide life saving treatment, while not bankrupting anyone. Deciding whether to live or die because you can’t afford health insurance is not acceptable.

Help Barbara Keep the American Dream Within Reach For All North Carolinians

I’m a mom, a community activist, and I have lived the struggles that far too many Americans do everyday. This campaign relies on grassroots donations like yours. Chip in today – and, if you’re able, make it monthly.